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Basketball Life 3D
Ball is Life
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Basketball Life 3D is a game about basketball that allows players to experience a realistic game with more than 30 different mini-games, in which they can choose the game they like according to their needs.

In Basketball Life 3D, you can participate in a variety of sports events, winning is particularly important, harvest a lot of honor on the line, wonderful movement process, the overall speed will increase up, complete these difficult challenges is more important, the screen level is very clear, many challengers will appear.

Basketball Life 3D is a very fun sports game, the game test the player's shooting skills, you need to continue to train to improve their shooting skills, the game in the limited time you score the higher the number of times the game score is also later, play is particularly challenging, so you play more and more addictive.

How to play

1. A variety of different ball players' signature players can easily use here, different shooting packages are very complete.

2. Throw into the ball if not, you can dunk it into the basket, players can enjoy the dunking brought about by the bloodthirsty experience.

3. In different scenes can unlock different special play, to bring the player's various fun or very much very good.

Break your style - every NBA player needs to splurge. Your stylist will wear your helmet to your toes, which will help produce the right image for your fans. After all, there's more to game day than just the jersey.

Engage fans by making exclusive appearances at charities, dinner parties, and hosting sporting events. Don't be surprised when your favorite brands are able to meet your sponsorship opportunities!

Against Your Friends - Get your competitive spirit going by challenging friends and other players around the world to games.

Find your ZEN - Build the dream home you've always wanted. From yoga studios to indoor basketball courts, find the perfectly balanced room that will help you succeed.

Win, beat and knock out your opponents. Choose the right offensive and defensive moves to lead your team to victory and become an NBA legend.

Editors' Review

Basketball Life 3D ©Copyright by Gamdise Do not Reproduce.   By Rebecca

As the top basketball tournament, NBA has been sought after by basketball fans around the world, Become the NBA's basketball superstar is a very honorable thing. Basketball Life 3D allows players to experience the life of a basketball superstar.

Basketball is your life, from now on keep practicing shooting, trying to be able to improve your hit rate, to get more points as fast as possible. There is no fierce physical confrontation, but the game is also very passionate, you have to compete with other players in the time limit who scored more points. There are many obstacles around the basket and you have to overcome these difficulties to score.

Basketball life 3D is a basketball theme fingertip game, it has exquisite 3D scenes and physics engine effects which are very realistic and excellent, and players have to use their fingers to shoot. And face different complex levels to get a high score, it’s very magical and interesting!

Game features

1. Related achievements can be quickly found, different life trends, the recent play is quite exciting.

2. The unique hope randomly appear around, a lot of money can be used to unlock a variety of props.

3. The angle and strength of the shot to grasp very well, a slight deviation may be missed.

4. You have to try to stand in different areas to shoot when you find the skill can easily score.

5. The breakout mode is also very interesting to play, you can complete the task and start a career.

Game highlights

1. It is a very good basketball game, players can experience here the most real interesting basketball.

2. The game's sense of immersion is still very strong, a variety of different projections also comes with different special effects such as a flame.

3. The game scene is very rich, beach basketball, jungle basketball, indoor basketball, street basketball, etc.

Game Reviews

Basketball Life 3D revolves around the subject of basketball and introduces many different types of basketball gameplay such as proper basketball, fun shooting, and other gameplay. The game creates a real basketball life for players, allowing them to fall into the world of basketball. Through a variety of colorful basketball gameplay, it helps players to better understand the game of basketball, love it and become loyal fans of basketball. If you are a basketball fan, then this game should not be missed.

This is a very good basketball casual game, the game has a lot of mini-games to play, you can enjoy the fun of basketball, you can use a slingshot to launch the basketball, you can also control your character on the basketball court to complete the shot, the game's operation is simple and easy to learn, recommended for players who like casual games.


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