Five Nights at Freddy's: SL
Five Nights at Freddy's: SL
Sister Location
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Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location is a point-and-click survival horror video game created by Scott Cawthon. It is the fifth main installment of the Five Nights at Freddy's series and chronologically takes place after the first game.


Welcome to Circus Baby's Pizza World, where family fun and interactivity go beyond anything you've seen at those *other* pizza places! With cutting-edge animatronic entertainers that will knock your kids' socks off, as well as customized pizza catering, no party is complete without Circus Baby and the gang!

How to play

Five Nights at Freddy’s SL - continuation of the popular horror series, in which players are again confronted with a mechanical killer at night. But now instead of the team of ingenious creations of the main character, a cat-and-mouse game is played with the only clown. You need to keep moving and looking for new places to hide and learn to anticipate the enemy’s actions. Otherwise, death will be terrible.


- Features all five nights from the PC game.

- Includes Custom Night!

- Baby "death" Mini-Game

- Full Extras Menu

- Both endings are available

Editors' Review

Five Nights at Freddy's: SL ©Copyright by Gamdise Do not Reproduce. By JoJo


Compared to other games, Sister Location stays away from several key gameplay and storytelling mechanics. Instead, it features the ability to move between rooms, each with its own distinct objective that the player must execute. Throughout the game, the player interacts with a new electronically animated character, the centerpiece of which is a benevolent electronically animated character named Circus Baby. It was creepy, engaging, and immediately put me on edge. More than a year since the release of the last Freddy game's Five Nights Out, I was ready to rediscover the mysteries of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria and become well and frightened in the process.


Unfortunately, players will find themselves caught up in another creepy gameplay experience, Sister Location for which the setting is named. Instead of patrolling the greasy walls of the familiar Fazbear restaurant chain, this time players will explore the mysteries of Circus Baby's Pizza World, a sister chain that uses the same (evil) electronic animation techniques. While Fazbear's has always been a fairly obvious analog to the real-world Chuck E. Cheeze and Showbiz Pizza business, there's something more sinister about Circus Baby's Pizza World. Here, you'll be hired as the newest electronics repairman, responsible for checking the machines and the entire electrical system to make sure they're all running properly.


The underground maintenance rooms are located deep underground, with a network of entrance vents linking them together and relying on electric shocks and unspecified "procedures" to keep the robots lined up, and it has more in common with a lair of Bond villains than a family restaurant. You'll soon realize that something is not quite right with this place. To say the least, there's either a suspicious voice constantly whispering in your ear or a scary electronic animation that looks a little demonic.


But most importantly, there is nothing friendly or interesting about the night at Circus Baby's Pizza World. Honestly, moving and talking electronic animation that seems to have a mind of its own? That's a major sign that tells you the place is eerie. Not to mention the unstable electronic devices that go wrong for no reason and there must be a good explanation for all these events. You will be the one to investigate and uncover the secrets behind this haunted place.


Much of the gameplay in Five Nights at Freddy's eliminates the survival aspect of previous games. Instead of staying in one place to stop the attacks of electronically animated opponents, players must move from room to room to achieve a series of narrative goals that change each of the five nights. Any mistakes and bad choices will mean you won't survive the next day. I kind of like that after one night you have to do a different strategy because there are always different missions. This is why this game is not boring. The different missions lead to some fantastic moments and really creepy scenes, such as when trying to fix the circuit breaker and Funtime Freddy creeping up on you every time you avert your eyes.


In addition, those who complete the game can take part in the exciting Custom Nights, a thrilling and exciting experience that adds electronic animation to the many nights of the gang. Customize your experience in the game at will by changing the behavior of electronic animations and electronic devices. You can also make some interesting customizations to the electronic animations to make them look more interesting (and scary). For those interested, the game also features the two famous endings from the PC version. Depending on your previous choices, you'll find yourself encountering different events and missions throughout the game. And be careful with your choices, because if you don't do it right, you'll never know what will happen.


Pretty fun game if you ask me. It has no ads and you can play it anywhere. With its spooky and blurry visual experience, the game offers a great horror gaming experience for all players. Plus, with well-designed characters and plenty of fun visuals, you're sure to have a great time in FNaF Sister Location.


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