Dr. Mario World
Dr. Mario World
Match 3 Puzzle versus viruses!
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Jul 28, 2021


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July 2, 2021


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The whole world is contaminated by a sudden outbreak of the virus, everyone is very panic. In the Dr. Mario World, and start an adventure to destroy the virus with Mario who puts on a white coat and the capsule. The stage of the adventure has 5 worlds and more than 200 levels. New worlds will be added every month. Control the red, blue and yellow capsules that float upwards. Arrange the same colors vertically or horizontally to form 3 puzzle games to destroy the virus. Destroy all the viruses before the capsules run out.

Dr. Mario World is a simulation game jointly created by Nintendo and LINE. In Dr. Mario World, players will take on the role of the Mario wearing blue suspenders, and as a doctor, the player's responsibility is to cure those sick humans and create a world of their own here. The gameplay is basically the same as the classic FC game "Dr. Mario", which is similar to Tetris three elimination, players need to adjust the arrangement of red, blue and yellow capsules, and the corresponding color germs contact to eliminate.

This is Nintendo's second foray into the more typical puzzle game, the last similar work released was called "BOMB SWEEPER", which was only available on the Game & Watch platform in overseas regions. In addition to the strong image of "Mario", Nintendo also took advantage of its channel to put a lot of advertisements about this game in various magazines and TV stations, so that "Dr. Mario" was a hit even before it was released.

How to play

Players control the red, blue and yellow capsules that float upwards, and 3 same colors side by side can destroy the virus. In addition to Mario, the familiar Princess Peach Blossom and Cool Buster will also appear in white coats, and different doctors have their own special skills. The game includes more than 200 levels in 5 worlds, as well as a buddy system and online matchmaking mode.

The shape of the level is made into a glass bottle, the beginning of each level will be distributed inside the red, yellow and blue germs and the equivalent of "square" props are a combination of red, yellow and blue capsules, including the germ itself, horizontal or vertical to reach the same color 4 frames, the germ will be eliminated. The condition for passing the level is naturally to destroy all the germs in the level, and the game will end when the capsules reach the top of the map.

Editors' Review

Dr. Mario World ©Copyright by Gamdise Do not Reproduce.   By Rebecca

Dr. Mario World is an elimination puzzle game with Mario as the main character of the classic popular game. elimination puzzle game with the classic popular game character Mario as the protagonist. Here Mario will be transformed into a doctor who treats diseases. The gameplay rules are very simple, as long as the same 3 color capsules are arranged in a row to eliminate the virus. The number of capsules that can be used in each level is different. It is not easy to destroy the virus before it runs out. In the game, the player controls the same color capsule with the germ, including the germ itself horizontally or vertically to reach 3 frames of the same color, the germ will be eliminated, the player can find both the sentiment here, but also feel the infinite fun of new gameplay. Come and experience it!

Game features

1. 3 platoons together to destroy the virus.

This is a simple puzzle game. Control the red, blue, and yellow capsules that float upward and line up the same colors in rows of 3 vertically or horizontally to destroy the virus. The number of capsules you can use varies from level to level, so if you destroy all the viruses before you run out, you will pass the level. The key to victory is to use the capsules that turn into halves skillfully. Think carefully and destroy the virus.

2. Let’s restore the clean world with Mario!

The whole world has been contaminated by a sudden outbreak of viruses and everyone is panicking. Not only Mario, Princess Peach Blossom and Cool King will also appear in the form of doctors. Familiar characters such as Baby Chestnut, Slow Turtle and Steel Helmet Turtle will also come to help destroy the virus.

3. The game will be played with friends, family and players from all over the world.

There are various ways to play with your friends, such as sending love for energy, telling where you are, and so on. There is also an online VS mode that allows you to play directly against each other. The combination of doctor skills and support characters with different effects will make the difference between victory and defeat.

Game highlights

1. The game features beautiful HD 3D graphics and a continuous adventure to experience the process of decryption.

2. The overall situation needs to change the route of the adventure and use the collected props to complete the level.

3. Different operation techniques can produce some different situations, leading Mario's adventure world.

Game review

Compared to other triple elimination games, Dr. Mario is a bit more strategic. The previous triple elimination would be more about pursuing multiple combos to cause a crisp feeling. Instead, it's all about figuring out how to eliminate viruses from the entire field, so we have to pay attention to the placement of capsules, as well as skillfully guide the in-game props, bombs, turtle shells, etc.

The capsule appears in the manner of Tetris, which not only can be deformed, but also the other half will automatically fall after being eliminated, so for the release of the position, we have to consider more situations. Of course, there will also appear that put a wrong capsule lets us appear the whole game collapse dilemma.

In addition, the game has a multiplayer mode. The game is just an elimination game, so I didn't think much of it. However, when I actually got started, I was attracted by its gameplay.


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