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February 4, 2022


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Lumbercraft is a simulation game by VOODOO, where the goal is to build your town. That's all you have to do in this game, cut a tree, build a home, or do whatever you want. Build a town with a hospital, a lumber mill, a store, and a place to heal yourself. The possibilities are endless because you are the one creating the town.

But be careful, because you need to kill monsters and enemies. They are trying to destroy your building, so you must also defeat them. This is a very simple game and an interesting simulation game. Are you ready to build and protect your town?

How to play

The core gameplay is to cut trees constantly to build and upgrade your structures and defeat enemies to protect your town

➤ Cut the wood as your resources

➤ Build your towers, shops, and other structures

➤ Kill the enemies and more

➤ Make sure to upgrade your town and your character

Editors' Review

Lumbercraft ©Copyright by Gamdise Do not Reproduce. By JoJo

Lumbercraft is a potential casual game that brings together elements such as collection, management, and tower defense. Its graphics are simple cartoon styles, and the gameplay is very interesting and easily addictive. Building your town with wood that you cut is challenging and might never have the opportunity to try it. But in Lumbercraft, you get to do all that in a short period and experience the fun of building a small town immersively.

All the buildings in the town need wood to build, so you need to cut the trees first, and then perform any other operations in the game. After completing the basic construction, the next tree you cut will be used to build a timber factory. You can obtain coins by selling the collected timber and providing resources for the development of the town. You can build shops, rehabilitation centers, towers, and any other structures you want to build. Your town is yours. But please note that this is not only about logging, building, and collecting your resources, but also mainly for protecting your tower. Enemies will destroy your towers. To protect your buildings, you need to defeat them. Killing enemies can earn coins. Coins can increase the offensive and defensive capabilities of the arrow tower, as well as the lumberjack’s damage and defense.

Overall, I think it is a great game. It does not have many complicated modes and props. All resources are obtained through logging. All you need is to continue to cut trees to build your town! It’s stress-free and you don’t need to worry about anything at all! It will not force you to pass the level, you can explore and create as much as you want. Lumbercraft is a perfect game for relaxing and at the same time, learning. If you are looking for a fun game to kill time, I highly recommend you download it!


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