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Gear Race 3D
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Gear Race 3D is a casual style racing game with low polygon game graphics, players need to drive the car and the other drivers in the level racing, through the whiplash gear shift control, make your speed faster, overtake your opponents, take the championship in this Gear Race 3D!

Gear Race 3D is a racing game, this racing game requires some driving knowledge, you need to control the speed of the car in the game through the control of gears, different gears have different needs in different venues, reasonable control of gears so that you can win the game in the end.

Gear Race 3D is a track racing game worthy of all players, the new gameplay you will love through the matching system you will meet a lot of players, on the same track to challenge the way there will be a lot of obstacles you need to deal with, flexible dodge using a variety of skills to avoid will allow you to win the game more smoothly.

How to play

1. A variety of vehicle colors to choose, such as: red, black, blue, yellow, pink, etc.

2. Artificial intelligence directional warning function, if you are driving in the wrong direction, it will send a warning message and 3D directional arrow top rail on your all the time.

3. Providing a variety of control acceleration and steering control.

4. Camera shooting system to record video of the player's racing.

5. A variety of tracks and scenes levels, etc.

6. Real 3D racing game with clear graphics and no ads.

Game Mode

1. How long can you race: endless mode

You can test, explore and improve your race-through skills by recording an endless driving mode. Just drive as much as you can in one run and hit the best every time.

2. Take part in the race: Competition mode

You can challenge the hardcore drivers in Supercars and prove your worth in Race Mode.

3. Time Trial

There is a time limited event that can push your driving limits within a specific time frame. It's just a few seconds, but the rewards go beyond the rations.

4. Run as long as possible: Chase mode

When it comes to speeding, the police are always on your tail. Just drive to escape and evade the police chase to get exciting prizes.

5. Challenge Mode.

The best thing about racing on a highway track is not about driving fast, it's about driving with spirit and real spirit.

Editors' Review

Gear Race 3D ©Copyright by Gamdise Do not Reproduce.   By Rebecca

Gear Race 3D is a simple 3D style racing game, in which players can control a manual car to drive through a variety of obstacles, depending on the situation to switch between different gears, maintain speed, and win over your opponents, the game will have a wealth of levels waiting for you to challenge, but also to unlock different styles of cars to drive.

Game features

1. You can destroy other players' vehicles during the game and need to repair them after the game is over.

2. Gear Race 3D players can quickly improve their vehicles to minimize mistakes and complete tasks quickly.

3. When modifying the vehicle, please pay attention to the speed and take care to avoid a collision. Otherwise, the vehicle will be more likely to topple over.

4. Upgrade according to your taste. The damage and speed depend on you.

5. You can test, explore and improve your race-through skills by recording endless driving modes.

6. Just drive as much as you can in one run and hit the best every time.

7. You can challenge the hardcore drivers in supercars and prove your worth in the racing mode.

8. The best thing about racing on a highway track is not about driving fast but driving with spirit and real spirit.

Game advantages

1. God of cars does not need money to play sports cars. You must race every day to influence your ranking.

2. In Gear Race 3D, you have to pay the maintenance fee by yourself. Otherwise, the vehicle will not be driven optimally.

3. You can select and add patterns directly from the large gallery.

Game Highlights

1. Modify it at any time to create the ideal car and get creative.

2. Other customization features include gameplay such as changing exterior colors, customizing suspension levels and painting the car.

3. Flexible positioning is the key to achieving victory while ensuring speed.

Game reviews

Gear Race 3D is a racing game where players can enjoy a relatively casual driving simulation where you switch gears to accelerate and pass your opponents to reach the finish line quickly and move on to the next level.

In Gear Race 3D, players can drive their vehicles for adventure, the track here is very rugged, do not roll over, only carefully on the track racing to see who reaches the end first, is to become the first, a lot of tasks waiting for players to receive, there are a variety of vehicle types, players should be careful to unlock out, but also can improve their vehicle attributes.


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